SkinKraft Content Policy

We, at SkinKraft, carefully craft each piece of content, to bring you the most accurate, original, and verified information on beauty and wellness. Our technically skilled writers are constantly in touch with the in-house dermatologist and product formulation experts to give you the most efficacious and safe tips on skincare, haircare, and nutrition. They invest significant time in research and rely only on trustworthy papers published by the government, scientists, and educational institutions to weave well-grounded educational articles for you. Our editorial team also leaves no stone unturned to put important medical concepts across to our readers in the simplest way possible. Every article is evidence-based and reviewed by our editors and in-house team of subject experts before they reach your screens.

What We Aim To Do?

Our objective is to craft health-related content that is well-researched, simplified, fact-based, easily accessible, and most importantly free of any technical jargon. The topics are up to date and relevant to any possible episodic health concern or general awareness. In a nutshell, our content is your one-stop shop for any information related to your health and wellness.

We aim to address your overall well-being and that's why we bring to you sound, error-free content that emphasizes your health and lifestyle. We objectively cover a range of health topics and viewpoints. However, you must know that the information/tips we provide through our articles don’t intend to be a substitute for any professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. We encourage you to consult your doctor to seek medical advice before opting for any of the treatments mentioned in the articles, especially when you have any serious medical condition to address.

The following sections set out our editorial principles, standards, and processes.


We have a dedicated content team that works to produce accurate, balanced, and transparent


Our content is accurate, balanced, and transparent. The information given is based on the best available scientific evidence and papers published by credible government and educational sources. We indicate where our content contains opinions.


We cover topics that are related to your health, skincare, and haircare. Our writers thoroughly research medical concepts and present them in a simplified form, which is also fact-checked by our medical experts. The articles also have expert’s comments on managing certain diseases, health concerns, and dos and don’ts of skincare and haircare.


Our writers work on topics of readers interest, such as “Skin Care During Winter”, or “Heat Rash in Summer”, “Tips on Battling Dry Skin”, and emerging health trends, such as the latest in nutrition, fitness, disease prevention, healthy living, among others.

Standards Information

We ensure our content is 100 percent fair, transparent, and in our readers’ best interests.


All our writers are provided with development training sessions to ensure that we meet the editorial standards.

Editorial Process

Our editorial team works in sync to create quality content and experiences by upholding the highest journalistic standards. We strive to provide comprehensive, accurate, and honest information related to skincare, haircare, and nutrition.


Our writers derive each content based on scientific research, medical journals, etc. They do thorough research on assigned topics, consult our medical experts now and then to ensure quality content.

Our Expert Team

SkinKraft’s content is created, fact-checked, and reviewed by qualified writers, editors, in-house dermatologists, and product formulation experts. Each article is reviewed by an editor who ensures a smooth flow and tone, makes the copy free of grammatical errors, checks punctuation, and makes it more readable.

The members of our medical reviewing team bring extensive experience from across the spectrum of medical and cosmetic dermatology, research, and cosmetic formulations. To bring the best content related to skincare, hair care, and nutrition, our medical reviewers ensure that each of the articles, product-related content, images are fact-checked, clinically accurate, and maintain medical integrity.

Our Writers

We house a potential team of health and wellness writers with an aptitude for writing. They put together their subject expertise, creativity, and experience to bring forth consistent, high-quality content. The writers give attention to language and ensure a positive tone. We give them training sessions on research and hold regular feedback sessions. Our writers constantly consult with the in-house dermatologist and product formulation experts to give you the most efficacious and safe tips on skincare, haircare, and nutrition.

Our Style

Our voice is progressive and approachable. Our style guide rests on simplicity, accuracy, empathy, and inclusivity. Our articles have a positive tone that results in a favorable reader responses.

References & Sources

We depend on verified research journals, academic research papers, government websites, and other medical associations. The sources are verified for accuracy and fairness.


We emphasize the importance of user feedback. This is why we take immediate action when a potential reader reaches out to us for any content-related query - be it inaccurate information, out-of-date information, or ambiguous phrases. Our editorial team considers each feedback thoroughly, determines the revisions required, and finally re-publishes the articles.

We are determined to provide you with the very best information. For any query or comment related to our content, please reach out to us by visiting this page.

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