Utilize the mouse only for aiming and shooting.

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A horde of zombies has approached to a small town for seeking food. Don't be reluctant to partake in Zomblaster and support all the villagers here. Hurry up, guys! Or, they'll be in danger!

Right after touching the Play button, the players will be provided a pack of full challenging and exciting levels for performing. Be fully-prepared? Role-play a cleaner guy and assist him in shooting a large amount of water towards the undead. What for? The cold liquid will push the enemies into grinders, spikes, and other deadly equipment for destroying them. Remember, the duty has to be accomplished as soon as possible; otherwise, the chance to receive 3 gold stars will be over. In each level, be clever and skillful to obtain the best score.

Alright, you got the gameplay? Let's jump into Zomblaster and use the water-cannon to conquer the walking dead entirely!

Date Added: 2015-09-17

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