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Control the character, tap on WASD.
Use the mouse to assault the zombies.

Game Details


If you are looking for strong and thrilling feelings, be prompt to join in ZombiesCraft right now! Are you ready to take up this challenge? If yes, don’t mind coming with us right away! Enter a large maze together with one of the 2 special characters (Steve or Herobine). Guide him to move around the maze, find and defeat all of the zombies here. However, to determine the zombies’ places, the players need to learn how to observe the radar (at the top of the screen). When learning proficiently, try to come there as soon as possible to kill the zombies. Beat them and then get the XP points in order to boost the skill and status. If attaining at the best rate, the level will increase, too. Owing to that, the players can raise their character’s fighting ability and defeat the zombies effectively. Moreover, continue to spend time on enjoying surprising things. Feel exited, right? Don’t waste time anymore!

Date Added: 2014-04-15

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