Zombie Tower Defense Reborn





The mouse is to place towers.

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Zombie Tower Defense Reborn

Hey, game lovers! Everyone needs your help. Are you willing to assist them in destroying all of bad zombies and protect the village safely? If you love challenging yourself to a series of these perilous creatures, let’s play Zombie Tower Defense Reborn and start the battle now. Remember that the zombies are so rapacious. Players have to think of sagacious strategies to kill all of them before they own the village. Look! The villagers created a wavy path towards the gate. Hurry up to use available funds and buy several towers to place them along the path. During the game, try to eliminate all the incoming creatures to gain more money. Never let enemies reach the gate, or you will lose the battle, guys. After a successful wave, don’t forget to upgrade the towers and get ready for tougher waves. Good luck, guys!

Date Added: 2014-09-03

Category: TD Games

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