Utopian Mining




Use the arrow keys to move and drill.
Press X to interact with building and people.

Game Details

Utopian Mining

Welcome to Utopian Mining! All of the people in a town have to rebuild their houses and town after a heavy storm. At this time, players will help them to find the fund for rebuilding the town. They will role-play a Minecraft guy and take their adventurous robot to figure out treasures under the ground. There are many gold ores, diamond ores, and coal ores underground. Now, it is time to travel underground, guys! While digging, watch out for batteries. When they earn enough 10 ores in each time, sell them to get more money. Remember to visit the repair shop to recharge batteries, upgrade the drill rig, or repair any damage. Don’t dig so deep, or the robot will get damaged. Try not to get stuck, or they will lose 250 pounds and all of the ores that they have. Be careful with the health bar, too. Come on, guys! Enjoy the game now!

Date Added: 2013-10-12

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