Turret Defence 2





Aim and shoot: the mouse.
Missiles: spacebar.

Game Details

Turret Defence 2

Fight against dangerous men to gain a victory for your beloved land, guys! Are you bold enough to take up this task? If the answer is yes, have an access to Turret Defence 2, guys. In this cool game, players will take control of a big and powerful turret. The chief task is to aim and shoot down enemies so that they can not come near the turret. Try to do quickly and accurately in order to defeat as many enemies as possible. Owing to that, more and more scores will be supplemented. In addition, don’t forget to use available missiles for urgent situations i.e. the enemies are coming with the large numbers. Furthermore, remember to take necessary items on falling boxes for the next levels. Preserve a life bar to move on to the final battle and then snatch a win! Good luck to you!

Date Added: 2014-11-06

Category: TD Games

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