Toy Crafter

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The game is ruled by the mouse.

Game Details

Toy Crafter

You know Lego game, don’t you? It is a perfect tool because it increases our creativity as well as imagination. Why don’t you try to play it online at the moment? Let us introduce Toy Crafter – a cool and interesting place so that you can be free to do anything you love. Be ready, all Minecraft guys? Here we go! Players will have a great chance to create their own toy by arranging available blocks. Look at some buttons (at the bottom) and consult their functions cautiously! Choose the suitable blocks and place them on the ground. Then combine them in order to assemble the new toy. Surely, avail the creativeness to do everything effectively and better. In addition, don’t forget to color the blocks to make all look eye-catching and outstanding. Interestingly, try to consult some available toys as Mill, Shuttle, etc. to make another similar one. All sound nice and awesome, right? Hit Start key and start playing now!

Date Added: 2014-08-28

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