Tobes Great Escape





Use Left mouse or Up arrow key to jump.

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Tobes Great Escape

Welcome you to Tobe's Great Escape, all buddies! This is the 2nd installment of the original Tobe's Vertical Adventure spin off. Simple yet addictive gameplay, time to experience!
Oh, no! Tobe, once again, is trapped in a crumbling cave…in order to get out if this dark place, he must try his best. Are you willing to bring him out the pixelated world? No free time to hesitate, guys! Without additional items or power-ups to support the character here, the players have to guide him to make a great escape with his wall maneuver – running and jumping from all over while collecting treasures and rescuing animals. Try to run as fast as possible to attain the remarkable score and unlock a total of 16 achievements.
How far can you run in the fun one-button, endless platformer Tobe's Great Escape? Wish you succeed!

Date Added: 2016-05-04

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