Savor this game with the Arrows or WASD.

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Can you see the little boy that's standing on a long platform? Why can't he run out of that place? Don't be hesitant to enter Theplatform and help him avoid all the dangers there. Come on!

What's your core mission in this funny skill game? The players need to express their clever skills to rescue the boy from different urgent situations. Generally, just support the title character to stay alive as long as possible. Now, focus on the screen! Tons of dangerous objects and obstacles will drop down or move across the platform later, such as blocks, sharp arrows, blades, etc. Players, to win this game, have to avoid colliding with all of them! Guide the boy to move, jump, or duck in order to dodge over the deadly things. Never let him fall from of the platform; otherwise, he will die immediately! Try to grasp all the coins to achieve more points.

Be fully-prepared? Land on Theplatform and become an excellent instructor here!

Date Added: 2015-09-24

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