The War Cry





The left mouse is used to play the game.

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The War Cry

Oh guys! When a cliffhanging action game is in front of your eyes, you will not definitely find any way to resist its magnet; The War Cry is a typical example. It's full of awesome features which should be explored. Get ready? Come on!

The ultimate target of players when getting involved in the game is to slaughter all the Goblin army by building a strong empire and setting up the defensive and offensive fence. To make the land more and more prosperous and powerful, the first job is to mine gold at the suggested area. Use the available fund to hire miners specializing in mining and collecting gold bars. Due to this increasing budget, let's train warrior units and summon them to the hostile bastion to gain control of the whole enemy land. Don't mind investing in magic and upgrades to boost the home army's power.

Take time to taste the role as a cool leader in the war against enemies in The War Cry, all guys! Let's go!

Date Added: 2015-05-26

Category: Strategy

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