The Miner

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The arrow keys are used for traveling.
The left mouse is to mine blocks and interact with everything.

Game Details

The Miner

A young boy is getting depressed after the storm has destroyed all of his achievements. Now, he must start repairing his house. Let’s give him a hand, players! The worst thing now is that his inventory is totally empty. As a consequence, players should participate in The Miner to go with him in the trip to earn and pick up natural resources, all guys! In this cool game, there are 2 activities which the players need to do. Firstly, guide the boy around his village along with using the available pickaxe to dig down until valuable items are discovered. Such things may be diamonds, irons, coal, red bricks, gold, and other stones. Secondly, avail some of them to repair the house and purchase more upgrades and new tools for the mining process. Get ready? Let’s go!

Date Added: 2014-08-15

Category: Mining

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