Tesla Defense





All are played with the mouse.

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Tesla Defense

After landing on a strange planet, John was suddenly attacked by a horde of dangerous and cruel beings. How could he confront them and leave this planet safely? That’s the reason why you should come to Tesla Defense as soon as possible to help him. Be willing to take action? There we come! At this time, this game will give some essential towers such as Ground Towers, Anti-air Towers, Mines, and Orbital Strike. Each tower will have different features, so think wisely and then put them on the ground to prevent the beings automatically. In addition, the players should take control of John in such a way that he can shoot strong laser beams towards the beings. Try to defeat all of them in each stage to earn some money in order to purchase a couple of significant upgrades such as Tesla energy, Health of Ground coils, Damage of mine, and so on. Don’t spend much hesitation! Time to savor all!

Date Added: 2014-10-20

Category: TD Games

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