Territory War





Arrow keys are used to move and aim.
The spacebar is to throw grenades/jump/shoot.
The X key is for action.

Game Details

Territory War

Guys! Want to obtain some experience of becoming the home troop's commander in the war with the hostile troop? Go to Territory War right away!

Here, each player, if accepting the role as a commander, must guide his troop to the victory in the vicious war. The troop he controls includes various stickmen who possess powers and abilities to cope with the enemies. Give out the best strategy for deploying each of the stickmen on the battlefield so as to stop the opposing troop from flocking the home territory. One special point is that each of the stickmen will perform their abilities via some provide commands. The player' work is to manage to utilize these commands, remember!

I believe that the success will come to you if you have the perfect strategy for the fight. Play Territory War right away!

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