Talo And The Spirit





Hit the left mouse to play as an archer and send army.

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Talo And The Spirit

Hi everyone! Welcome you to Talo And The Spirit – a gripping and challenging real time strategy game! Desiring to show your strategies for the thrilling battle with various rivals, you ought to enter this magnificent game right away!

During the game, there are 5 stages challenging each player. In each one, there are 3 modes to experience. It also means that 15 challenges are waiting for them. Begin the first one now! The game's story revolves around a kingdom under attacks of conquerors. Let's train the home army and send units to the battlefield to stop the enemies' evil plan. Try to shield the tower from being destroyed, or the land will be controlled by the enemy force. Killing the enemy units will bring back gold. At that time, upgrade the current army, remember!

Hurry up! Take time to start Talo And The Spirit right away! Have much fun!

Date Added: 2015-05-30

Category: Strategy

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