Super Dangerous Dungeons





Press arrow keys to move and jump.

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Super Dangerous Dungeons

Dare to set foot to Super Dangerous Dungeons with Timmy? This guy is a treasure hunter and he wants you to accompany him to reach the legendary treasure chest. Will you, players?

The game here tells us a story about Timmy who has a huge craving for priceless valuables. Right now, he has arrived to a deep and dark cave and is ready to face all the dangers inside to get home the biggest treasure in the world. Are you willing to help him accomplish his life goal? Take action immediately! Run and jump your way through dungeons full of traps and puzzles filled corridors…watch out spikes, pits, and other deadly threats. In each room, Timmy has to get the golden key placed at certain spots to access the next area. Reach the exit door alive so that the man can return home safely.

Be ready for the risky undertaking in Super Dangerous Dungeons? Show us your ability of solving puzzles.

Date Added: 2016-09-10

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