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Published in 1991, Supaplex is truly an old DOS game which created by two Swiss students. Its main genre is arcade, and it is an extended clone of Boulder Dash. Let's check it out!
Accessing the main screen, you'll get a ticket for an adventure inside the PC. Take control of Murphy (a bug-hunter), your chief objective is to remove bugs from all the programs installed inside the computer. To accomplish this job, you have to collect vital pieces of information first – known as 'infotrons'. Once you have enough, you can fix the current bug, and then, continue to deal with the next one. Dig through circuits and avoid the bombs dropping on Murphy. Quickly grab what you need and reach the exit. This game comes with over 100 levels and eliminates the time limitation.
Can you help the bug-hunter destroy all the bad bugs? Go to Supaplex and calmly solve every stage, guys.

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