Speed Miner 2




The arrow keys are to direct.
Tap Shift to activate the TNT and spacebar to use the extras.

Game Details

Speed Miner 2

It will never be cooler than enjoying Speed Miner 2 at this time, all Minecraft guys. If you’ve taken lots of amazing feelings with Speed Miner, it’s truly a timely chance to receive dozens of terrific things. Get prepared? Travel with us right away! A Minecraft miner will ask players to help him mine a couple of blocks in a large mine. Hence, to support the players’ task effectively, this game will certainly provide lots of necessary extras. Turn on TNT blocks to explode all of the blocks, fulfill an energy bar to activate Bonus TNT, Time Wrap or 10x Combo. Apart from supplying the extras, the game will be limited in time, around 60 seconds. So, this cool game is challenging and fascinating, right? Can you attain a noble win in Speed Miner 2? Play and see the result.

Date Added: 2014-01-02

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