Smurfs Dug Treasures





Arrow/ASDW keys are to move and dig.

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Smurfs Dug Treasures

Get already enjoyed with many kinds of mining games? It's time for another new one: Smurfs Dug Treasures. This fascinating game is depicted as the Smurf's process of mining dazzling and valuable stones. Is it wonderful? Try it now!

Smurf is entrusted with the task of enriching his mushroom village by seeking and congregating colored diamonds buried inside a rich mine. The most significance is that it's difficult to infiltrate deep into this place because of its special structure. If the players let the protagonist mine too many times, and he does not mine at the appropriate positions, he may get stuck in the ruin. Furthermore, be rapid to snatch gold keys to open the exit portal. Everything depends on your clever skills in mining and exploring the rich cave.

Hit the Play button to play Smurfs Dug Treasures and collect treasures. Let's go!

Date Added: 2015-04-09

Category: Mining

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