The mouse is to kill the slammings.

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Hey, guys! The most dangerous bost – Slamming is guiding thousands of his minions to human world. This time, he wants to prove that he is the most powerful king no one can defeat even humans. Get hurried to let him see who is stupid and who is intelligent. Get ready for your battle in Slammings. Look! Many of the minions are entering the human world. Your main task is to stand in front of the bridge and expel all of them back to their world to protect yours safely. Players will click on any slamming, and then throw them back to their world. During the game, never let them go through the bridge otherwise you can lose the battle. If enemies appear so crowded, please place bombs to explode them. Good luck on your battle, gamers!

Date Added: 2014-10-04

Category: TD Games

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