Shybot Game





Move with the arrows.
Jump and interact by pressing Z.

Game Details

Shybot Game

Do you know Shybot, fellows? Hmm, he's a shy and lonely robot. Since no one interests in playing with him, he decided to make an incredible journey to a strange land! Be his companion and start the adventure now!

The main character in this game loves traveling everywhere just to make friends, but the others always think him as a nerd. Feel really sad, right? Alright, it's time to drive a spaceship and take him to the mysterious island for having fun. Oh, what happened? Why did the flying object suddenly stop? We think the robot has to stay at this exotic place for a couple of days to repair the spacecraft. Your job is to instruct him to move around and seek essential items that can be activated to fix the vehicle. While walking, make sure he won't face with deadly obstacles (spikes, big gaps, spikebots, and more).Be very careful to preserve his life!

Bear in mind, Shybot has 3 lives only to savor the trip! Let's support him instantly!

Date Added: 2015-09-25

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