Press the arrows to move.
Press Z to jump and interact.

Game Details


Tie your shoelaces and promptly run into Shybot for an incredible journey! Here, you'll get to know a friendly yet lonely robot! Can he finish the adventure successfully? Play and see!

The main character in this game is a green creature named Shybot (a robot that's always shy). He loves playing with other guys, but they think him as a nerd. How sad it is! That's why he decided to make a secret tour alone by driving a spaceship. Unfortunately, there's a small problem, and the poor robot has to stop at a strange land for a couple of days. Now, players must help him travel around to look for essential items that can be used to repair the vehicle. Along the way, he'll surely face with various obstacles (spikes, big gaps, spikebots, etc.). Players have to be very careful to preserve his precious life!

Remember, the robot has 3 lives only! Okay, it's time to visit Shybot and get self-dipped in this game.

Date Added: 2015-09-18

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