Press WASD to move.
Press X and Z to communicate with the characters.

Game Details


After 1000 years being sealed, now, the Dark Dragon has finally woken up. With its evil power, will the universe be safe? Take part in Shiningforce and protect all the poor people from the Dark Force!

Look! The enemy side has sent thousands of troops towards The Continent of Rune's border; so, at this moment, the players' primary task is to stop this invasion. Don't be afraid to ask the warriors' help from here! The significant to-do-thing is – looking for a hero that can conquer and seal the Dragon's power endlessly. Head to the Kingdom and assist the King's youngest son in using a magic sword as well as recruiting a powerful army for the upcoming battle. Fight against and defeat all the mighty troops to gain many cool supports! Control 10 characters at the same time and upgrade their skills and energies for joining in combats and making explorations!

Get over 8 fascinating scenes to achieve the glorious victory in Shiningforce! Wish you succeed!

Date Added: 2015-09-23

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