Rich Mine 2




The game is controlled by the mouse only.

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Rich Mine 2

Hey, guys! Don’t miss the chance to collect all of the treasures to become the richest person in Rich Mine 2. If you have already played the previous version of this game, you will feel how amazing it is. This new version has more interesting and attractive features than the previous one. Explore it and enjoy its fun. Let’s start the game now! In the game, players will help a Minecraft guy discover a dangerous cave and collect the gold coins. But, he has to overcome a lot of hazards to reach these coins. Are you ready for the discovery, guys? Let’s go! To collect the coins, the players will cut the rope in order to let the jewel hit the coins and fall into the guy’s bag. Along the way, look out for some bad creatures. They can eat the jewel; therefore, the players have to kill these above creatures before cutting the rope. The game is peculiar, isn’t it? Enjoy it right now, game lovers!

Date Added: 2013-11-05

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