Red Storm Defense





The game is ruled by the mouse.

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Red Storm Defense

You have to take up a very vital task in Red Storm Defense. Are you willing to role-play a great Captain and rule a special army in this case? It’s an awesome time to prove your excellent leadership, right? Come and act now! Players’ main request is to protect valuable blue points from aggressive robots’ attack. Take a look at the screen! The blue points are on the right side, and the robot will come from the left one. Continue observing some available towers at the top. Choose a few and place them on the screen to attack and stop the robots automatically. Don’t let anyone steal the blue points successfully; otherwise, the game will be over instantly. Additionally, remember to go to Hangar to equip some essential items or supplement vital skills for the towers. Do you have any good plan? Show to win!

Date Added: 2014-11-10

Category: TD Games

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