Puppy Stew





Left or right key is to run.
X or J is to jump.
Spacebar is to whistle.

Game Details

Puppy Stew

Something very terrible is happening in Puppy Stew, fellows. A lot of puppies have been trapped in a witch's house. Rescue them now or they'll become the villain's dinner.

You have just moved into a new neighborhood. The long trip exhausted you terribly so you decided to get some rest before unpacking…suddenly, you found your neighbor looking for his puppies. As you wake up and investigate, you discover a house full of puppies. It turns out that the evil witches, Eva and Vila, have kidnapped them for use as ingredients in their magic stew. Your objective here is to save all the cutie dogs by beating those cruel characters in their mini-games, such as races, ball games, survival challenges, and more. Later, coach your puppy to win some of the Witch Games.

Try hard to deal with more than 35 different mini games in Puppy Stew. Test your skills against the witches!

Date Added: 2016-09-08

Category: Other Games

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