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Use the mouse only.

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Pixel Box

What’s a pity if missing Pixel Box at this time, all Minecraft fans! What do you know about this great game? Pixel Box is one of the most terrific playgrounds for those who love showing up their creative talent. Are you one among them? Do you want to demonstrate your genuine ability? Come with us and see what you are able to do now! With a couple of familiar Minecraft blocks, players will take a cool chance to design their own world. Just drag any block and put them in the right positions to create whatever the players want. If they unfortunately make any mistake, don’t worry too much, just click on an axe block to remove anything they don’t like. Wonderfully, they can load other worlds to contemplate or redesign. How awesome it is! Don’t wait any longer! Play and enjoy this cool game! Have fun, all Minecraft lovers!

Date Added: 2014-01-02

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