Ninja Miner





The main keys to direct the ninja are the arrow keys

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Ninja Miner

Be quick to land on Ninja Miner to be a talented ninja’s companion, all game-lovers! You may attain a full pocket of precious gems. Sounds amazing, right? Tap Start button to discover mysteries under the dark cave in there! The major duty is to guide that ninja to move brilliantly in order to possess all the diamonds in each stage. However, this game doesn’t seem to be easy as it looks like. Along the way, players might face up to plenty of obstacles, such as spike traps, dangerous bats, and others. Grab an axe or a pickaxe to break blocks as well as collect keys to unlock doors and achieve hidden stars. Those stars are very important in unlocking a new world. Whenever you gather all the required diamonds, the exit door will automatically open. Please be careful as the ninja has only 16 lives to overcome all the difficult challenges. Enjoy it!

Date Added: 2015-02-24

Category: Mining

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