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The main keys to play this amazing game are the arrow keys.

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Mustached Driller

Welcome to Mustached Driller – a fascinating mining game, all game-lovers! Want to find out what's special in there? Let's go and see!

The players, in this game, will role-play an old miner. They need to collect lots of minerals from deep underground. At first, let's enter the cave to mine precious materials, such as coal, silver, etc. Pay attention to the man's health. When he runs out of energy, be quick to bring him back to the ground and take him to the Café shop to refill. Dig deeper to discover more rare gems and resources, ok? If you don't have enough money, go to Buying shop to sell the precious things. Don't forget to upgrade equipment to enhance the man's digging capacity. Oh, the important thing is that you must find a key to access to the next stages.

No time for waiting and thinking, guys! Just go to Mustached Driller and check whether or not you accomplish the task perfectly. Good luck!

Date Added: 2015-03-18

Category: Mining

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