The arrow keys are to control the digger.

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Guys, it is time to take the coolest digger and fly your spaceship to Mars. Many scientists say that there are a lot of precious treasure ores there. Until now, there is no one on Mars. Mine them now! A young miner grabs this good chance to be rich. Let’s enjoy a very funny game – Motherload and start the search with him, guys. When putting your feet on Mars. Please use the digger and go down the ground to mine minerals. Along the way, try to avoid big rocks and deep holes. Once hitting the rocks or falling off the holes, the digger will be crashed. After collecting a large number of the treasures, fly on surface to sell them and get money. Don’t forget to buy more fuel and upgrade the digger before beginning the next search, guys. Enjoy!

Date Added: 2014-08-05

Category: Mining

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