Mining King

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Press space bar to start the trip.
Move by WASD keys.

Game Details

Mining King

Want to become a mining king all over the world, my dear friends? If you really like mining adventures, you will be blown away by a wonderful game – Mining King. Ok, let’s go and discover how cool it is. In the game, a little boy found a cave full of precious things like diamonds, coal, iron, gems, gold, and minerals. He is trying to collect all of them in his bag. It is time for you to move around the cave and help your boy own a treasure mountain now. Use the pickaxe to destroy blocks where treasures hide. Remember that hazards occur during the search, so be careful. Don’t let the boy fall into deep holes or lava. Keep him standing on the blocks to ensure his safety. Along the way, try to gather items and hearts for boosting the health. Hope you have fun, guys!

Date Added: 2015-01-13

Category: Mining

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