The mouse is to build, mine, and craft.
The arrow keys are to move.

Game Details


Do you love challenging yourself to dangerous adventures and explorative actions, guys? It is actually sure that you will feel cooler than ever when taking part in these cool adventures. This time, your mission is to save a Minecraft boy who is getting stuck in a dangerous world full of bad creepers. Are you confident enough to rescue him from the home of the creepers, guys? Let’s play Minicraft and start your task now. As knowing, these creatures lurk around their world every day. The urgent mission is to build a house for him to avoid the attacks of enemies. Firstly, mine and collect available resources like wood, rocks, stones, coal, and more to craft some items for his daily activities. Then, place nice blocks to set up the house. Next, craft a powerful sword to protect the boy and kill the enemies. Don’t let them touch him, or his health will decline rapidly. Hope you keep him surviving as long as possible, guys!

Date Added: 2014-01-02

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