Miners Prince





The arrow keys are to move the prince.

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Miners Prince

There is a legendary land in Africa where a cunning dragon is dominating. This monster kidnapped a lot of children and people to his land and buried many precious treasures inside it. Right now, a young prince is trying to reach that land to save his residents. He is so brave. How about you, kids? Love to give your prince a hand? Play Miners Prince and show your support. Players have to guide him over different locations. During the trip, he will use his pickaxe to make the way through. When reaching any gem, please collect it to boost the score and money. There are some rocky roads, so be careful. Don’t let any obstacle drop on the prince, or he will be dead. Don’t forget to pick up keys to open doors and move forwards. Hope you rescue all innocent people and collect the treasures, guys!

Date Added: 2015-01-16

Category: Mining

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