The arrow keys are to control the digger.

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Guys, there is a cave full of treasures like gold, diamonds, minerals, gems, and coal. Do you want to collect them and become the richest man all over the world? Let’s explore Minerbot and start your adventure now. This time, players will control their powerful digger to mine the treasures. Look! Do you see a lot of colorful areas? If players search for the treasure on the red colored areas, they will achieve the highest point. Try to control the digger carefully. Don’t let it run on the white colored areas, or its speed will slow down. The fastest way to reach the treasures is to drive it on the cave’s floor. The more treasures are collected, the better score will be. After gaining a large number of experience points, use them to upgrade the digger for next fruitful adventures. Have fun, guys!

Date Added: 2014-01-02

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