Miner Problem 3D

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The spacebar is used to jump.
The left mouse is to choose items.

Game Details

Miner Problem 3D

A team of android workers is being trapped inside a burning mining facility, and they will be burned if there is no help. While carrying out their own mission in this zone, they do not realize that the fire is starting to blaze up from the gate. Hurry to enter Miner Problem 3D and hand them your timely support, players! Everything players have to do is to control their aircraft to fly through the facility without banging on any object, machine, and surface. As seeing, the facility looks meandering and complex, so it’s difficult for them to define right paths and the exit gate. The only way for this demanding situation is to cleverly move the vehicle ahead to avoid the above obstacles until it gets out of the zone. Remember to upgrade it at the necessary time! Here we go!

Date Added: 2015-01-23

Category: Mining

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