The direction keys are to move.
The Up key is to enter the buildings.
C to call the lift.
Press T to fast-travel to the town.

Game Details


There is a couple falling in love, so they want to get married. However, everything is not smooth. The man must meet the requirements that his beloved’s father offer. Before marrying, he has to earn enough $20.000. This is a large amount of money. He doesn’t know what to do meanwhile he loves his beloved so much. Fortunately, he has a good idea that he will dig precious ores. But, he can’t do it alone. Players! Help him now! Come on, and explore Miner and perform your task, guys! The players will control the digger and drill underground to find gold ore or more. When the fuel runs out, let’s visit the shop to sell these earned ores and get money. Don’t forget to upgrade the digger to speed up. Remember, when having enough money, send his sweetheart’s father a telegram. Guys! Can you earn enough money to get a win? Prove that by playing the game right now!

Date Added: 2013-10-12

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