MineCraft - Whack A Mine




Use the mouse to shoot and craft.

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MineCraft - Whack A Mine

Hello, everyone! If you love discovering adventure game, don’t lose out on a chance to enjoy a very cool game – MineCraft - Whack A Mine. This game is the best choice for everyone who is the Minecraft fan. Let’s come and explore its fantasy right now, guys! The main task of players is to discover a new world and build a beautiful house. In the game, there are 2 backgrounds such as the cave and the field. Come on and choose one of them to start the journey. There are many tiles from the cave, so collect as many tiles as possible to gain extra points. While picking up these items, look out for green creepers! The players have to destroy them, or they will destroy all. Try not to touch them, or the lives will be lost. Use these tiles to craft some weapons which can kill the creepers to protect the guys from their attacks. It is time for you to perform the adventure, guys!

Date Added: 2013-12-16

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