Minecraft Tower Defence 2 Game Online




The goal of the game is to survive. You will start by digging your own path to the green marker.Click a block next to dig. Press 'A' to reset the path when you happen to get stuck.

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Minecraft Tower Defence 2 Game Online

Play Minecraft Tower Defence 2 on Minecraft Games Online: Welcome back to Mincraft Tower Defence in 2nd version. In the first version, you'd three almost the same maps to play on with eight items in total. In this version, there is over 16 totally different maps , huge 18 items to play around with. You can play this game with 3 game mode : adventure mode, survival mode and challenges. The adventure mode is best for newbie. You need to complete the Adventure Mode to unlocked all standard items. And challenges are linked with medals. Have Fun !

Date Added: 2012-07-10

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