Minecraft Summon The Hero Game





Summon The Hero is played by using the left mouse.

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Minecraft Summon The Hero Game

The king of a beautiful territory is summoning all brave heroes or knights with the aim of building a strong defense system because of the Dark Lord’s threat. It’s awful as the Dark Lord is sending aggressive and ugly minions to this land so as to destroy it. Become a potential commander to control the heroes’ troop in the struggle against the dangerous enemies, players! As the number of minions is too large, the best strategy for the fight against them is obviously Tower Defense Deployment. In other words, let’s build the defense system by deploying the heroes in suitable positions and wisely placing turrets and traps so that the enemies can be entirely exterminated. After obtaining a required number of achievements, remember to visit the shop and buy possible upgrades. Good luck, our intelligent commander!

Date Added: 2015-01-02

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