Minecraft Scene Creator 2




Use the mouse to interact with everything in the game.

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Minecraft Scene Creator 2

Do you want to become a showroom designer, guys? Let’s check your ability in Minecraft Scene Creator 2 now. This is the latest version, so many fabulous features are innovated. Come on and explore them, guys. At present, players will avail themselves of their creativeness to create a beautiful house in Minecraft world by placing various blocks like wooden planks, lava, gold, diamonds, stones, rocks, and many other colorful ones. The players are free to build and generate anything they love. After constructing the house, they can set up a fence, a big yard, a garden, or a farm. After that, think of cool ideas to arrange available items such as table, bed, chest, chair, furnace, and more into a perfect house. Then, decorate it by placing miners, creepers, and ghost around it. Next, plant trees and grass to make the scene more marvelous. Enjoy yourself!

Date Added: 2014-01-02

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