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Enjoy Minecraft Quiz v0.5 with the mouse.

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Minecraft Quiz v0.5

Hey, all of the Minecraft fans! Do you want to explore a new game genre in Minecraft world? That is Minecraft Quiz where the Minecraft fans can check their Minecraft knowledge – Minecraft Quiz v0.5. The gameplay and its mission are very simple. Players can give correct answers. The maximum questions of the game are 20. How can you master all of them, guys? Believe your acquaintance and get a win. As knowing, each answer has 3 choices. After choosing the right one, there are 2 options appearing such as “Restart the game” or “Keep going forward”. Try not to give any wrong answer, or they will retry until answering it correctly. In the game, take your time to enjoy all questions, guys. Don’t be hurried for selecting the answer. Hope all of the players can accomplish all of the 20 questions successfully! Explore Minecraft Quiz v0.5 now!

Date Added: 2013-12-15

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