Minecraft Flash




Use WASD keys for movement.
Click on the mouse to mine the rocky mountain.

Game Details

Minecraft Flash

Hey, all Minecraft gamers! Are you brave enough to accept a tough adventure? Do you have any belief in your potential ability? Do you think that you can overcome it easily? Why do you think too much? Take a bit of time to access Minecraft Flash and see what you can do here! Let’s go with us now! In this game, players have to guide a Minecraft boy to survive in a strange land. How to do? In the morning, help him find foods and a shelter. Find a rock mountain and break it for the shelter. When the night comes, don’t get out of the shelter because there are a few of hostile creepers living here, and they will attack the boy if seeing him. Hide himself in the rocky mountain until the next day. How long can he survive in this game? It depends on your ability. The important thing is not to use TNT to destroy the creepers because it will affect the boy. Hope you attain the final win in Minecraft Flash! Good luck!

Date Added: 2014-01-02

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