Minecraft Creeper Diamond Adventure 3




Use the arrow keys to move the creeper.

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Minecraft Creeper Diamond Adventure 3

Hey, all of the Minecraft! Do you want to challenge yourself to overcome all of the obstacles and get a win? There will be many interesting things to discover. Come on and enjoy Minecraft Creeper Diamond Adventure 3. There is a dangerous creeper wanting to go to the top of the mountain to collect diamonds. However, he can’t do it alone. He needs players’ help. Can you give him a hand and complete his desire well. The road is not smooth, so be careful! Along the way, try to avoid the lava, and don’t let him fall down to it. Moreover, try not to stand on the arrow blocks too long. All of these will damage his health, and he must turn back to the last checkpoint where the flags are put. Take control of the creeper carefully when going up to the top of the mountain. When he reaches the diamonds, it means that the game is accomplished. Try the game and become the best Minecraft player, guys!

Date Added: 2013-11-05

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