Minecraft Craft




WASD keys are to direct.
Use the mouse to mine.

Game Details

Minecraft Craft

Urgently! Steve’s friends were kidnapped by a giant monster when they were traveling together in Minecraft Craft. Steve was so worried, so he made up his mind to ask for your support, all Minecraft lovers. Are you willing to help him in this case? Come with us and perform this job now! The first significant thing is that players need to find a safe way towards a place where the monster locked his friends in. Be careful with an edge of chasm in the left side of the screen. The game will come to an end if the man falls into it unexpectedly. When finding the place, just instruct Steve to mine a few of blocks. Try to save his friends as soon as possible before the monster knows it. Importantly, avoid controlling him to move too much because his health will decrease. Don’t let it happen, all guys! Good luck to you!

Date Added: 2014-01-02

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