Mine Trap





Hit WASD/arrow keys to move around.
Tap spacebar to jump.

Game Details

Mine Trap

While searching for the minerals, suddenly, an old man felt into a deep and dark mine. Now, he’s panic as that place seems not to have a way-out. Don’t waste time any longer, my friends! Be brave to jump into Mine Trap to rescue that poor man from the creepy cave. In this puzzle game, players must solve all the different challenges in each stage to access to the next level. On the way, the old man has to pick up all the golden keys to unlock the exit door as well as achieve bonus points. Don’t forget to grab the scattered precious stones to add to the total budget. Players should be clever to jump or dodge over dangerous barriers, such as gaps or spikes to preserve your character’s life. Try to complete each stage in the shortest time to gain 3 golden stars and the highest score. Besides, keep a safe distance with the giant monster. Alright, go there to be the old man’s trustful assistant! Have fun!

Date Added: 2015-02-24

Category: Mining

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