Mine Runner

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The left key is to move left.
The right key is to move right.
The space bar is to jump.
The mouse is to attack.

Game Details

Mine Runner

Welcome to an exciting adventure game – Mine Runner, Minecraft fans! Most of the Minecraft characters are always in a complicated and urgent situation. This time a Minecraft boy is getting stuck in the creepers’ world. Can you give him a hand and take him out of that world as soon as possible, guys? Now, it is time to show us your wise tactics to defeat all of the creepers and save the boy. First of all, prepare a powerful sword for the boy to protect him and kill enemies. Then, guide him through a series of obstacles to find the exit. Try not to hit walls, rocks, stones, people, trees, or anything on the road, or he will be dead, and the mission is not completed. During the adventure, don’t let the creepers eat him. Once they nearly reach the boy, use the sword to destroy them. Hope you rescue the boy successfully, guys!

Date Added: 2014-01-02

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