Mine Clone v2 Minecraft

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The mouse is to build.
WASD keys are for movements.
Press E key to visit Inventory.
Scroll the mouse to change tools.

Game Details

Mine Clone v2 Minecraft

Welcome to the latest version – Mine Clone v2 Minecraft, guys! This is the most fascinating Mine Clone game that no one can reject to enjoy. This version is updated and renewed, so there are many unexpected and surprising features for you to explore, guys. If you love creating everything according to your imaginations in a fabulous 3D world, this game is the best choice. Don’t miss it out, guys! It is absolutely certain that you will be attracted by its beautiful world. Don’t hesitate anymore. Let’s start the adventure now! First of all, go around the world to choose a nice place for your house, guys. Then, use the pickaxe to mine blocks. Next, change the spatula to place them. After finishing the house and other structures like a garden, a farm, a lake, a swimming pool, a store, and more, let’s visit Inventory to decorate them. The players can put some furniture in the house, plant some trees, grass, and flowers around to make the world more gorgeous.

Date Added: 2014-01-02

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