Mine Clone

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The game is controlled by the mouse and arrow keys.

Game Details

Mine Clone

Hey, the Minecraft fans! Have you ever gone for a walk in a strange world? Now, Minecraft will take you around the Minecraft world where there are many beautiful landscapes and new things. Do you want to explore it right now? Come on and enjoy Mine Clone. In the game, players will go around the world and discover strange and new features. First of all, the players will use the mouse and arrow keys to move around. As you see, there are many green trees, mountains, lakes, especially houses. When the players feel tired, they can stay in the houses. If they love discovering the strange world, let’s swim and dive in the lakes. They can use the mouse to change the background and landscapes according to their creativeness. Let’s come and enjoy Mine Clone right now, guys! Here we go!

Date Added: 2013-07-11

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