Press A & D or left & right arrow keys to drill.
Tap W or Up arrow key to use Nitro.
Click on the mouse to send the Mole.

Game Details


Come into Megadrill to discover a fabulous land, mine priceless ores, and become the wealthiest person in the Minecraft world. Do you feel cheerful about it? Want to achieve this dream? So, let’s express your mining capacity to gain everything soon. This game just offers 25 weeks so that players can carry out their main task comfortably. However, they also have a small disadvantage; that is, the limited amount of fuel. Therefore, the players need to take control of their own driller to mine cleverly and cautiously. Owing to that, they are able to occupy more ores. Then bring all of the ores to sell for money and then enhance some vital tools like hull strength, steering wheel, drill strength, radar power, and fuel tank. Ah, please remember one significant thing, guys! Try to collect as many trophies as possible because they’re more valuable than the ores. Savor awesome things from Megadrill and complete the important request!

Date Added: 2014-07-30

Category: Mining

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