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The chief key to interact with this game is the mouse.

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Mathematical Mining Games

Take your spare time and make an incredible adventure with us immediately, all game-lovers! This time we will explore the coolest stuff in Mathematical Mining Games – a fun math game. The major task here is that players need to deal with all decimal and time additional problems in each level. Are you confident enough to overcome all stages and even gain a victory in this game? If yes, let’s get started! A lot of moles are working in a dark cave. They are holding a large board with a number. At first, click Go button to guide the cart. Then, take a careful look at 2 positions displaying 2 different results. Now, you need to calculate in order to pick the right answer. Don’t hesitate to tap on the junctions to change the direction. If you complete a stage perfectly, 3 gold stars will lie in your pocket. It’s a great game for those who are interested in practicing their math skill. Have a good time!

Date Added: 2015-01-28

Category: Mining

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