Press the left mouse or the arrow keys to play this game.

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Hey guys! Legwalkovich is very funny to try. We're glad to introduce you to this special game. Feel excited and eager to uncover its idea. Here we go!

A character called Legwalkovich is getting stuck in a bad circumstance because of his damaged ship. It seems that the ship cannot work anymore after b bangs on a strange object. Oh no! More badly, something is challenging his body, and he is starting to get several mutation problems. For this reason, his speed is faster and faster. It's very dangerous as his surroundings are mines. The players can aid him to turn back home, but what they will do is keep his life lasting longer by not letting him jump on the above deadly weapons.

Don't hesitate any longer! Legwalkovich is in need of your wise control to help him deal with his mutation problems and uncontrollable movements. Let's go!

Date Added: 2015-03-26

Category: Mining

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